Smart Home


Sqrt, the rigidity of mathematical concepts merges with the lightness of light beams, which radiate uniformly in every direction.

This fusion gives life to Sqrt, a lamp that takes up the shape of the square root in an essential and functional way while also playing the role of an elegant pen holder.

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Renewable Energy

Green Towers

Green Towers, the family of efficient, scalable and low-impact wind turbines.

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Smart Home


Komposta is the first cooker hood capable of drying food or transforming fruit and vegetable waste into compost.

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Maker Faire Roma / James Dyson Award 2018


WaterSave is an innovative water-saving shower capable of reducing daily waste.
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Maker Faire Roma / James Dyson Award 2019


H.E.R.A is a modular road surface capable of reducing pollution in urban centers by 60%.

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Maker Faire Roma / James Dyson Award 2016


E-Round is a road roundabout capable of converting 4 natural sources into electricity: wind, solar, mechanical and rain. Thanks to these conversions, it is able to produce and accumulate electricity.
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Anti covid-19 measures

Covid Mask

For them it must be a game! We have designed and developed masks and visors for children in pediatric wards.

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Design Warm Contest 2019


Linteum is the innovative heated towel rail created by the Rithema team, which encompasses design, comfort and hygiene.
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EuFactor 2016


S-Idro is a heat generator with very low energy consumption, free of polluting and toxic substances for health.

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Personal Project


The Geodesic Dome is a structure built according to a geometric construction scheme that allows the creation of buildings with spherical shapes, even of large dimensions. Unlike the traditional dome, the geodesic dome is formed by a combination of triangular elements arranged in a way that allows it to support itself without the need for internal walls or support pillars.
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EuFactor 2016


P-Kube is a device capable of converting 3 natural energy sources into electricity: solar, wind and thermal. In addition to the photovoltaic panels and the vertical axis mini wind turbine, which have now become part of our daily lives, the project contains a steam generator.

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