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Innovative Shower Panel

Italy ranks first in Europe for consumption, reaching the incredible figure of “241” liters per capita per day.

Projecting ourselves into the future, we have observed the potential optimizations that could improve human life, focusing our attention on a resource of fundamental importance for its survival: water. WaterSave is an innovative home water management system, capable of containing global waste, since, in addition to reducing dispersions, it takes care of the complete reuse of waste water. Due to the wide gap between the technologies discovered and our way of life, we consume much more water every day than we actually found. With just a simple shower, an average of 12 liters is wasted, since the ways in which hot water works are more or less the same all over the world: we open the mixer and let the flow flow until the temperature satisfies us; in the meantime, however, several liters of water are practically lost and unused. WaterSave eliminates this now obsolete and rudimentary approach, thanks to a digital, simple and effective system!

How does it work?

WaterSave stores unused water in a reservoir while waiting for hot water, and then recirculates it during mixing.

A display allows the selection of the desired water temperature, the device accumulates the initially cold flow in a tank until it detects that the water coming from the boiler is hot enough to mix automatically with the cold water; thus providing a flow at the temperature selected on the display.

The cold water initially stored in the tank is then mixed with the hot water, and thus, used.

We need to eliminate waste and optimise the processes of natural resource use, and Water Save is a valuable tool with which to achieve these goals.


What are its advantages?

Automatic mixing

WaterSave will mix the water from the tank with that from the boiler.

Costant temperature

thanks to the WaterSave technology, goodbye to temperature dorps.

Temporary block

A temporary block occurs when the temperature of the water coming from the boiler drops drastically.


It acrivates to allow soaping, using a minim amount of water.

Consumption Liter

Thanks to display it will be possible to monitor the water consumpiton.

PH monitoring

Ph management and automatic irrigation thanks to BioWaterSave products.