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The kitchen hood with a green heart






The kitchen hood with a green heart





Elegance, Design&MadeInItaly

Central Cylinder
Suction Flaps

Komposta is a kitchen hood with a sensitive soul.

Its minimalist design encapsulates an entirely new hybrid functionality. In fact, the innovative technology contained within allows it to harness the heat from the hob to also take on the functions of a dryer and composter.

In the absence of heat from the hob, Komposta activates automatic thermo-ventilation cycles at low power, ensuring that the process is completed correctly. Thanks to the thermo-ventilation process and the rotation of an internal perforated container, complete aeration of the food is achieved.

With a modern design, the hood has the ambition to introduce and stimulate an innovative approach to ‘eco-sustainable city living’, i.e. to facilitate the implementation of actions that every single person and family is able to take by transforming their waste into a resource.

Smart Home

Why did we develop Komposta?

We carefully analysed serious issues concerning both organic fraction management and energy efficiency in our domestic environment:

-The transformation of fruit and vegetable waste into compost allows a significant reduction in pollution related to waste transport where the organic fraction accounts for 28%. It is, in fact, the heaviest waste after glass and its management results in significant CO2 emissions due to its transport (approximately 470Kg per tonne of waste).

-Approximately 30% of the heat we use daily when using the hob is lost and unused as it rises to heat the hood and the environment without being exploited in any way.

-Cooking on induction hobs produces a lot of steam, which tends to condense on tiles, wall units and especially on the outside surface of the cooker hood, generating quite a few dripping problems with the possibility of contaminating our food.

Komposta avoids these types of problems thanks to its special features.

What Does It Improve?

Komposta is a product that not only introduces a new technology and digital solution with a modern design into our homes, but also has the ambition of introducing and stimulating an innovative approach to ‘eco-sustainable city living’, facilitating the implementation of actions that every single person and family is able to perform by transforming their waste into a resource. In addition to the energy efficiency due to the recovery of heat from the hob and the reduction of the environmental impact due to the transport of wet waste, there is a further economic advantage that Komposta enables and that is a saving of up to 30% on the waste disposal tax (TARI), thanks to its function as a composter. The patent has been extended internationally, after an initial national filing in July 2020, while the Design has already received certification from the Ministry of Economic Development.

Why is so innovative?


International Pending Patent

Height adjustment

thanks to brackets it is possible to adjust the height.

100% sustainable materials

Packaging Plastic free and compostable.


Max consumption about 300W.


Komposta activates a series of low-powered automated thermoventilation cycles.

Energy recovery

the heat produced by the stovetop, is used for the processing of food waste.


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KDesign (Via Jesi, 46, 61122 Pesaro PU)

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