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Sustainable Urban solution

Re-Charge is the first urban aerobic composter that produces compost and electricity for recharging electric vehicles.

1. The wet collection vehicles conveniently unload the organic material into the appropriate compartment, equipped with a helicoid that moves and heats the material,reducing the volume by 80%.

2. The thermo-ventilation process produces both fine compost, which can already be used as fertilizer, but also coarser parts which are used to produce biogas.

3. The biogas is transformed into electricity through high-efficiency cells already widely validated by the market.

Thanks our international patent, Re-Charge is able to transform organic waste into compost and the biogas produced from it into electricity.
This process is supported by a photovoltaic panel ensuring the correct functionality of the device even without connection to the urban electricity grid.

What are the advantages?


Nationally and internationally patented system.

Reduced volume
80% reduction in volume of organic waste.
Charging electric vehicles from biogas.
From 100 to 350kg of organic waste per day turned into compost.
Without connection
Device operating even without connection to the city power grid.
Production and accumulation of about 9Kw daily.