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P-Kube is a device capable of converting 3 natural energy sources into electricity: solar, wind and thermal. In addition to the photovoltaic panels and the vertical axis mini wind turbine, which have now entered our daily lives, the project contains a steam generator. The innovation was to combine these different conversions to allow the production of energy during any weather condition. In fact, in the absence of wind and sunlight, the water present inside the boiler can be evaporated, to start the production and accumulation of energy.

Functions And Development


P-Kube was developed to be used in places where there is no electricity and you need to recharge a USB device or power any load. The project has, in fact, three outputs:

5 Volts (4 outputs)
12 Volts
220 Volts

which can be used simultaneously. Compact, practical and innovative; can be placed stably on any surface. Its aluminum structure makes P-Kube light enough and effortlessly transportable. In the mountains, by the sea or even in the garden, it could even replace the mini petrol generators used at markets or fairs; provided the load to be supported is not excessively large.

What are its advantages?


High production stability


Li-ion battery.


Airtight seal for rain and humidity.


Inverter 12V-220V.